Wacom LCD Signature Tablet STU-500

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The Wacom LCD Signature Tablet STU-500 has been specially designed to capture electronic signatures for paperless and secure workflows or ePayment transactions at the POS (points of sale). With the help of the STU-520, customers can provide handwritten electronic signatures in a range of scenarios including signing a receipt in a shop, a form to open a bank account or phone contract, or even to check into a hotel. It presents signatures in real-time while a customer signs on the display of the tablet, providing a similar experience to writing on real paper. Ideal for organizations including banks, hotels and shops, signature tablets enable digital handwritten signatures to be recorded where digital workflows or high levels of security are crucial.

Product specification

Model Number: STU-500

Screen Size: 5-inch

Screen Resolution: 640 x 480 VGA

Color Depth: monochrome

Backlight lifetime: no backlight

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