Wacom LCD Signature Tablet STU-300

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With its small and compact design in combination with its durable and robust quality, the STU-300 LCD signature tablet is ideally suited for professionals who work with documents in mobile areas. It addition, it has been specially designed to capture electronic signatures for paperless and secure workflows or ePayment transactions at the POS (points of sale). The STU-300 enables you to capture handwritten electronic signatures without having to print off hardcopies. This will boost your workflow efficiency significantly: your customers will be able to sign contracts, approve payments and confirm deliveries quickly and securely – without any paper documents.

Product specification

Model Number: STU-300

Display size (W x H): 102.0 x 27.0 mm

Active area: 99.0 x 25.0 mm

Screen Size: 4 x 1-inch

Screen Resolution: 396 x 100

Color Depth: monochrome

Backlight lifetime: no backlight

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